About Us

TOP Dance Club (TDC) is a product of brainstorming and putting tons of great ideas of the dancers on a new structured line.

What we are
TDC is a club with the opportunity to become a member and save money on the social dancing events.

Where we are
TDC dance floor is located in our beloved venue, Visioon Lounge, located at Lootsi 8. You can find us there every week giving lessons in several dance styles: salsa, bachata, Brazilian zouk, kizomba, semba and rueda. Click here to see our schedule. On any evening you can find us dancing like crazy zebras at Tallinn social parties.

Why we are
TDC creators are a bunch of dancing geeks whose dream is to save the world by speading the love for dancing to everything that moves. We made this happend because we wanted to create the place where you would be guaranteed to have a heart peace.

What we are for
We are there for you to to learn dancing, find friends, do sport, relax after work, practice your English :) and have a new hobby.