I started dancing… Let me think… Yes, from 2009-2010. My goodness! Can’t believe so much time has already passed! However, it seems that I have just recently started.
People sometimes ask me – how did it happen that I started to dance. Absolutely accidentally. I had never thought before that I would dedicate my spare time to dancing. I was called for a company (as a support let me say so). Moreover, the ones who wanted to dance so much and agitated me, lost their interest very soon but I stayed. Somehow I started by attending Tallinn Salsa Festival. Although I couldn’t dance, I wasn’t confused – I was very enthusiastic as well as lots of other people who started dancing at that time – it was the period of salsa peak, new fashionable entertainment!

Moreover, I was quite lucky to join the new dancing school organized by wonderful famous dancers Frank Santos and Alina Moskvina. They were the ones who not only brought up passion to dancing but also showed me that it could be more than hobby. It is an art, insistence, work and pleasure at the same time. I have managed to learn at all dancing schools in Tallinn as well as have attended various dance festivals… Nevertheless, I am still convinced that I should learn a lot more.