Sergei started dancing salsa in y 2008. The passion, interest and eager to the dance made him learn a lot and seek for more of the latin dance. In y2009 he cooperated with one of the teachers of Tantsuakadeemia and assisted her in teaching, as well as they together performed couple of salsa demos in cooperate events. But the biggest impact on his dancing Sergei has gained from Frank Santos – In y2010 as soon as Frank started giving classes in Tallinn, Sergei started attending each and every single class to learn as much as possible.
Late spring 2010 he joined Frank Santos Performance group , where he developed and expanded his performance and dancing skills.In Oct 2010 along with other members the group with choreography of Frank and Alina got the first prize in International Dance Competition in 2sexy2sensual Latin Festival. After a special training, Sergei started giving beginner classes and animations at Katusekohvik and Cubanita at weekly salsa partys as well as teaching performing with various shows in Latvia, Germany, Uk, Ukraine, Cyprus and other countries.